If you’re good in both Hindi and English, you can help us take our stories to more people by translating posts. Or, if you already wrote a story in one language and want it to be available in other as well, you can use our translation tools.

(Contact us if you can help us add support for more languages (other than Hindi and English) by regularly posting new stories or translating already added stuff.)

Prerequisite: Before starting translation, you would need to register on our site by clicking here.

In the WordPress dashboard, click on Posts -> All Posts to list all the stories. Now, choose the one you want to translate from English to Hindi (and vice versa) and click on (+) corresponding to the language flag. A WordPress editor will open now for you to put Title and Body.

Translate on Teekhi Mirchi

(It’s useful to open original story in another window, copy the content, and paste in the editor for quick reference.)

Put the translated text in these fields. Be creative, it doesn’t have to be exact translation, you can use language-specific metaphors and proverb, just the way they dub Hollywood movies in Hindi :-)

You can also add a new image to the translated post (or use the existing one from original.)

Once you’re done, submit the translated post for review, and you’re done!

It’s good to translate already popular stories, that have been a hit (fetched more eyeballs), since that increases likelihood of translated story to be a hit as well. You can view stats here or on our dashboard.