Here is a list (not comprehensive, feel free to add to it) of some post formats we use in our stories. This is just a guideline that can help you get started.

1. Fake news
2. Top 10 Stuff that are hilarious
3. Fake movie poster, music album cover, book cover, TV serial poster, product wrap etc.
4. Funny review of movie/ music/ book/ product/anything else.
5. Song dubbed over a series of images/ videos (Chitrahaar)
6. Spoof of celebrities (Monkey Bath)
7. Cartoon, Meme, Comic Strip,
8. Funny Polls
9. Fake newspaper clipping.
10. Poetry
11. News in Pictures (Fun story expressed in pictures)
12. Tips that is useful in life
13. Fake Facebook wall/ twitter TL/ GMail inbox/ Whatsapp or other chat etc
14. Funny Open letter
15. Fake interview
16. Fake Opinion/ exit poll
17. Fake Mobile Apps
18. Fake Diary page
19. Fake Song lyrics interpretation
20. Parody: Fake video
21. Funny Food recipe
22. Fake Reporters/ Research/ Findings
23. This week in History
24. Advice (Ask our psychologist/ doctor etc)
25. Horoscope for this week
26. Weather report
27. Quotes (Funlines we can fake celebrities said)