Users are kindly notified that content in this website (except those in “Opinion” or “Fiction” category) is a work of fiction. Kindly do not confuse the news of this site as being genuine and true, though they may appear real, or in some cases, may even turn into reality years after publication.

We sometimes use real names of people or places in our stories to add spice to it. That doesn’t mean we intend to defame them, it just implies they are great and famous!

This website promotes citizen journalism and hosts user generated content. You can also Write for Teekhi Mirchi. For more information click here.


Close your browser window immediately if: (though that makes us lose valuable reader like you :( )

1. We hurt your religious sentiments: Although we never intentionally do so, occasionally we may hurt your “religious feelings“.

2. You’re 13 or younger: We dream of launching sometime in future, but for now – No entry for kids!

3. You think we have an agenda: If you believe we’re running a sinister agenda against any political party, religion, capitalism, socialism etc, chances are you took a story posted on our portal as true. Authors on Teekhi Mirchi do have “political leanings” in their personal capacity, and it’s impossible for someone to remain neutral. We would generally express our views in “Opinion” category on our portal. Rest of all is Fake.

4. You’re thinking of slapping us with Sec 66A, 153(A), 295(A) or some other shit: No, we don’t have a legal team to fight these cases, and we know any tom, dick and harry can threaten others to silence them.

Just like social media, Teekhi Mirchi is just a blogging platform for citizen journalists, and can’t be held liable for content they post. We do screen all content according to our policy here though.

Just in case, you still have complaint related to content on this portal, you can post that in comment section of article that offended you. If you have a grievance with this portal in general, contact us or just write to us at [email protected]

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