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About Shubham 234 Articles
I Can Make Everything With Nothing!
About Jabra 207 Articles
Stupidity and sycophancy are my fuel.
About Amresh 98 Articles
What's fake today, will be real tomorrow.
About Santa 82 Articles
Satires, Bollywood, Football, Arsenal are part of life. Otherwise am pretty boring.
About velawrites 77 Articles
Vela teri tarah. Ab tu mane ya na mane dost mere, maine to tujhe vela mana.
About kushal 68 Articles
Cartoon mania !– smile assured. kushal's world of cartoon and caricature.
Kumar Keshav
About Kumar Keshav 56 Articles
Jack-of-all-trades, master of none.
About Nitin 44 Articles
Software Engineer, support clean politics, love Photoshop.
About navjit 39 Articles
Tele-mis-communication Er., व्यक्तिवाद से परहेज़, चाटुकारिता से गुरेज़
Vikas Purohit
About Vikas Purohit 27 Articles
A writer and a poet.
Vishnu Tibdewala
About Vishnu Tibdewala 27 Articles
Delightful but thoughtful sarcasm. ( Truth is Truth even if no one believes it )
Ramendra Kumar
About Ramendra Kumar 22 Articles
An award winning writer Ramendra Kumar (Ramen) has 30 books, brought out by well known publishers, to his credit. Ramen's writings have been published in several Indian and foreign languages and included in text books, as well as national and international anthologies. Ramen has also been invited to different fora as an inspirational speaker and storyteller.
Kanika Mishra
About Kanika Mishra 19 Articles
Aam ladki of India, cartoon series by Kanika Mishra, first woman winner of Cartoonists Rights Network International.
About Parul 17 Articles
Political cartoons by Parul.
About Roohulwa 16 Articles
Interested in political dramas |Love political photoshop
About SA 13 Articles
SA is a stupid common man
About NewsNonsense 11 Articles
Fake journalist/ Political humour.
Mano Na Mano
About Mano Na Mano 11 Articles
Unconvincingly Yours. Futile attempts at satire. Unreal, almost unfunny.
About ArifPathan 9 Articles
Software Engineer, Social Media Activist, Script writer
पुरानी बस्ती
About पुरानी बस्ती 8 Articles
अफवाहों और व्यंगो की दुनियाँ। पूराMBA, अधूरी किताब का लेखक। व्यंग्य और कविता लिखते हैं।लेखनकला में २बार भारतरत्न मिल चुका है,नॅावल पुरस्कार अगले साल मिलेगा।भारत का राष्ट्रपति बनने का योग है।
Achhe Din
About Achhe Din 8 Articles
Hum Feku Sarkar Ki Tabtak Band Bajaenge, Jabtak Sachmuch Achhe Din Nahi Aa Jaenge.
Ranga Siyaar
About Ranga Siyaar 7 Articles
Voracious reader. Multilingual. Globetrotter. Vagabond. Negligible formal education. Life is a lesson in itself.
बड़बोला त्रिवेदी
About बड़बोला त्रिवेदी 7 Articles
About DrBhanGarg 6 Articles
Humanist, working to strengthen democracy in India and improve politics.
Jag Mohan Thaken
About Jag Mohan Thaken 6 Articles
Writing satires as a hobby. Freelancer. Writing since last 25 years.
About IcchadhariNagin 5 Articles
Around you. Deceiving
Saurabh Mishra
About Saurabh Mishra 5 Articles
Saurabh Mishra is a freelancer columnist.
About Kanwali 5 Articles
Kanwali for Teekhi Mirchi. I write in Punjabi, English and Hindi. Thanks!
Deepti Singh
About Deepti Singh 4 Articles
| Blogger| Writer | Daydreamer | Book Lover | Dreamcatcher | Listener | Traveller | Moddy |
About Nishant Yadav 4 Articles
Writer never Died he always live with his creation So I am Writing My Feeling with Poetry & Story in Hindi
About Maanas 4 Articles
I know not what!
Aam Cartoons
About Aam Cartoons 4 Articles
AAM CARTOONS is an effort by versatile artist GURPREET SINGH from Bathinda.
Love Gupta
About Love Gupta 4 Articles
S/W engg. | Politics | Music | Dream to fly in AirforceOne | ~~~कैस़
Toasting Toaster
About Toasting Toaster 3 Articles
Resident Editor-At-Patiala ("large" is too sober for this one) toasting news for TRPs day in and day out! In the free time consult some MNCs to make some quid.
About vinaychandrapandey 3 Articles
I am working in private sector and live in Gurgaon
About Econ Satirist 3 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About FunnyNishant 3 Articles
Works with Times Of India.
About व्यंग्य पुराण™ 2 Articles
निष्पक्ष स्वघोषित व्यंग्यकार।कहानी,कविता,कटाक्ष,व्यंग्य।अनुभव की कलम को वास्तविकता की स्याही में भिगो कर कल्पना लिखता हु।
Sushil Kumar Tomar
About Sushil Kumar Tomar 2 Articles
Molecular Biologist. Interested in Science, Technology, Education, Entrepreneurship, Sociology, Human Resource & Indian Affairs; which is usually politics.
About sujitforweb 2 Articles
Digital Marketing Enthusiast #Adwords #Analytics #Ecommerce ►Tech Blogger ♥ Insane Poet & Writer ♫ Lost in Own Wonderland ♥ रोज एक नया फलसफां जिन्दगी का ■ #SK ♫
About Witticisms 2 Articles
My father says I'm a useless son. These days people don't count their blessings. At least I'm not Rahul Gandhi or Abhishek Bachchan.
Sivabalan Muthu
About Sivabalan Muthu 2 Articles
I work to spread fun and knowledge through my art. I am an engineer graduate, now working as a full time professional cartoonist.
Kala Bandar
About Kala Bandar 2 Articles
Main Kisi Ki Sunta Nahin...Bas Sunata Hoon! :P
About Shivangi Mittal 2 Articles
Fake Journalist at Teekhi Mirchi
About @raghav_shankar 2 Articles
Raghav Shankar - Author at Teekhi Mirchi
About TEJASVEE 2 Articles
मैं एक मानववादी या उससे भी बढ़कर प्रकृतिवादी व्यक्ति हूँ, इस संसार रुपी मकड़जाल में जीना सीख रहा हूँ, छोटे से गाँव से लेकर, अन्तराष्ट्रीय स्तर के संस्थानों में अध्ययन, अध्यापन और शोध करने तक की अबतक की जीवन यात्रा में जो कुछ भी मैंने सीखा है, उन अनुभवों को अपनी सामान्य बुद्धि से तर्क की कसौटी में कस कर कागज में उकेरने का प्रयत्न करता हूँ, और कोशिश करता हूँ की लोगों तक अच्छा सन्देश पहुंचे.
About Pankaj 2 Articles
Sometimes seriously funny, sometimes humorously serious. ;)
About shailesh sonwane 1 Article
Graduated from College of Engineering Pune in 2015. Currently working as Metallurgist in MUKAND LTD, Thane.
Chu Policy
About Chu Policy 1 Article
Half-Libertarian, Free-Market Scamster, Interested in Chu policy & Jhandu governance choices for India. Chu by culture, Stupid by faith. IIT-C.
About badhuwaaashiq 1 Article
Badhuwa Aashiq. Fake Reporter.
About Wise Owl Hoot 1 Article
Wise Owl Hoot - Author at Teekhi Mirchi
About Likh Ke Loonga 1 Article
Likh Ke Loonga!
About Anand Bhate 1 Article
Anand Bhate is a Political Analyst, Passionate Writer and a Motivational Speaker. To know him more, visit or
चालू चिलगोजा
About चालू चिलगोजा 1 Article
56" चौराहा, बदमाशों की बस्ती, शरीफ नगर
Jay Alani
About Jay Alani 1 Article
Human/ Actor/ Writer/ Storyteller/ Author.
About Shekhchilli 1 Article
I can make you a bird, rabbit, rat or whatever you want! I can prove 1 = 2!
About sarcasticsharma 1 Article
A post graduate in Commerce and a qualified Chartered Accountant and a qualified Company Secretary.
About Fern Powers 0 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Cedric McRoberts 0 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Bianca Haigler 0 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.