No Need To Announce Poll In UP Since Riots Already Started – Election Commission

There is no need for us to officially announce poll, something which is very obvious and redundant due to these routine events.

New Delhi: Election commission, responsible for conducting free and fair elections in India, today clarified that it’s not always necessary for them to announce polls in the country.

Election commission announce poll
India’s guarantor of democracy.

“Certain events, such as riots in UP, are so routine before every elections, that people are almost always certain that election are round the corner. In view of this, people already know elections are going to happen sooner than later. Hence, there is no need for us to officially announce it, something which is very obvious and redundant,” explained the newly appointed Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora.

Meanwhile, hearing this, India’s newly appointed Chief Justice has also suggested we should now start considering media trials as officially part of the country’s justice system, since they are powerful enough to build public opinion and declare a person culprit or innocent, even before the cases are put forth before India’s lethargic courts.

“This will take a lot of burden away from India’s already stretched and diluted public institutions,” he clarified.



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