Pahlaj Nihalani To Produce Modified ‘Romeo And Juliet’ Movie

Pahlaj Nihalani has decided to produce a highly-customized version of 'Romeo and Juliet' movie, taking inspiration from the recent events in modern India.

“Love stories are eternal,” as they say. They stay in our minds forever. Only the plot changes, characters remain the same. This is evident from the number of movies produced in last century on famous romantic pairs in human history- ‘Devdas-Paro‘ and Romeo and Juliet“.

Inspired by the clever approach taken by his bête noire Anurag Kashyap, who changed the theme of Devdas’s love story from ‘love’ to ‘lust’ in Dev.D, India’s CBFC chairman Pahlaj Nihalani has decided to produce a highly-customized version of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ movie, taking inspiration from the recent events in modern India.

Pahlaj Nihalani talking about modified version of Romeo and Juliet
Pahlaj Nihalani explaining the plot of movie.
(Photo courtesy: Deccan Chronicle)

Romeo is widely hailed as a romantic-tragic hero throughout the world, but considered a villain in India, thanks to persistent efforts to malign him by forming even a special force (Anti-Romeo Squad) in India’s most populous (and hence most love-making) state Uttar Pradesh.

Pahalaj, whose transformation from a filmmaker of vulgar movies that contained double-meaning songs, to a Sanskari censorist puzzled many, has decided the story of Romeo must be retold considering India’s current societal realities.

Teekhi Mirchi has learnt the new movie from Pahlaj Nihalani, to be tiled ‘Romeo Must Die’, has distorted the original Shakespeare epic masterpiece to a level, that would make the world rethink the way they look at love and romance.

In the movie, The hero Romeo (Muslim by birth) meets a Hindi girl in Garba festival and falls in love with her. The activists of a right-wing group Hindu Yuva Vahini notice them chatting and point out that Non-Hindus are banned in Garba. The hero Romeo is beaten black and blue by the HYV, and handed over to Police.

This prompts a widespread uproar on social media, especially by the liberal brigade, forcing the government to pass an ordinance in Assembly that men can’t talk to women in public, failing which they’ll be held responsible for whatever happens to them next.

The government also decides to form a special commando force named after the boy – “Anti-Romeo Squad” to give a stern message to general public that anybody who dares to defy the order would meet the same fate of Romeo.

The Anti-Romeo Squad puts Romeo in Jail, but the HYV insists on hanging Romeo for daring to trap a Hindu girl, or in other words perpetrating the crime of ‘Love Jehad’.

This prompts a fierce war between ARS and HYV, often violent, but eventually the HYV takes over ARS, and starts working as protector of Indian culture. The movie ends with hanging of the Romeo, and the Indian culture survives this massive crisis.



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