Liberals, Human Rights Activists Behind Mass IT Layoff In India -NASSCOM

This latest declaration about mass IT layoff is in line with the stand taken by government supporter trolls on social media, and India's mainstream media.

New Delhi: It’s firing season in India’s IT sector these days. According to trends and latest predictions by experts, half of India’s current IT workforce would be unemployed in coming 1-3 years. The goverment has now come into rescue mode and has finally found the reason behind this mass IT layoff.

Pink slips blue slips - Mass IT Layoff
The season of pink slips. (Photo courtesy: Flickr)

According to India’s IT lobby NASSCOM, Indian liberals and human rights activists are responsible for this mess, Indian government has nothing to do with it, economy is doing just fine, and there is nothing to worry about…at least for now.

This latest declaration is in line with the stand taken by government supporter trolls on social media, and India’s mainstream media, who blame Indian liberals for every other problem related to government failure; from riots to Pakistan beheading our soldiers, to Maoist violence and so on.

As the news of this latest condemnable act by liberals and human rights activists spread, Indian mainstream media took a dig at them. Times Now news channel, which is stuggling to raise its tempo even further, thanks to recent Arnab breakup, labasted at liberals and tweeted:

Indian IT professionals losing IT jobs, liberal league takes Sunday off? Watch @thenewshour at 9 PM


But NASSCOM predicted that prevalent gloomy situation in IT sector will cool down, because country is going to get redicalized more in coming years, as is evident from incidents of Gau-Rakshaks, Anti-Romeo-Squads, social media coordinated abuse, ultra-nationalism etc, marginalizing liberal brigade even further.

Goverment is optimistic as well, albeit due to a different reason.

Union Finance, Defence, Corporate Affairs (and the list is endless) Minister Arun Jaitley gave credit to Narendra Modi’s latest mathematical formula (IT+IT=IT) for future possible improvement in IT job scenario.



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