Future Humanoids To Be As Dumb-Fuck As Their Humans Counterparts

The humanoids will inherit all the bad traits from humans that is going to lead to its half-extinction, and take that even further.

Missisipi: Casting a shadow over humans’ ambitious programme to build ‘perfect humanoid robots’ who are to be better than their human counterparts in that they would possess unimaginable high-levels of IQ and EQ, a group of reserachers today claimed that the assumption was ‘incorect’ and ‘misplaced’.

Humanoid Robots
Humanoid Robots protype. (Courtesy: Enigma Force on Flickr)

The researchers believe the humanoids would inevitably snatch the power from humans and rule the future world, as predicted by noted scientist Stephen Hawking, but they will be as desastrous and stupid to mankind as were their antecedents- Homo Sapiens.

“The half-robots will have several religions and castes of their own. In facts, they would possess enough artificial intelligence and machine learning to create and follow several new religions, and to make a massive following at just a small gesture by their eye-like cameras,” predicted a researcher.

“They would sit several hours a day in front of their personal virtual reality computers, abusing and harasing their fellow robots, to prove the point that earth is better shaped if it follows their individual narrow way of thinking,” he added.

The humanoid robots of future will inherit all the bad traits from humans that is going to lead to its half-extinction, fear social scientists, and take that forward to the further journey of wiping off entire remaining life on earth. The earth will continue to stink till complete robots defeat these humanoids, and take over the world from them.

Humanoids are going to use the same tactic the we’ve mastered till now, i.e. “Indulging in more violence to prove we’re not violent,” concluded the lead researcher.



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