SHOCKING: Arvind Kejriwal To Reward Himself Rs 1 Crore For Martydom

Arvind Kejriwal hired the costliest lawyer available to bail him out of the pending Arun Jaitely issue. Now, he's found the easy way to pay his bills.

Back in Delhi after Chitta in Punjab and Rehab in Banglore: After the mouth watering display in recent elections in Punjab where Arvind Kejriwal won 100 seats as he claimed before elections, he did try their fantasy cuisine to ensure that he knows what he was dealing with. Yes, we are talking about Chitta, the famous Punjabi cuisine that formed a major part of their election manifesto.

Arvind Kejriwal 1 Crore Martydom reward
Arvind Kejriwal declaring himself another soldier.

The only issue with the entire excercise was that he got addicted to it and then had to go to Bangalore for the deaddiction. Rejuvenated like every rehabiliated youth, he came back to Delhi. Here, with no portfolio’s assigned, he was not sure what to do with the empty time. He started the addiction again.

Like the Punjab win, that was not, he became a soldier that wasn’t. He hired the costliest lawyer available to bail him out of the pending Arun Jaitely issue. In recent history, he had a habbit of giving a crore to any soldier that does not achieve martyrdom on battlefields, particulary provided it gives him the oppurtunity to take on the central leadership.

With entire AAP’s future in jeopardy in the defamation case, he assumed entire AAP to be filled with soldiers and gave each one amount which enables him to pay the Jethmalani for saving from tough times. The man who is a vocal distributor of honesty certificate, got a lawyer which in recent history has contested for honest men like Vikas yadav, Manu Sharma etc, Kejriwal adds on to that list. Now with tax payers’ money in for a toss with the fees he needs to pay for the defamation suite, Kejriwal and his party have become the soldier that wasn’t.

By the way, many in the opposition are also waiting for him to achieve martyrdom that was not for the soldier that was not.



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