It’s Now Mandatory To Have Your Aadhar Number In Your Email ID

Assuming your Aadhar number is 11111111111, then your email id will now read as [email protected], according to a new dictact by the government.

New Delhi- Information technology officials indicated that the coming days may see a transformative regulation in the way your email id was formed. While most people used their names in their email ids, or other words if they wanted to remain anonymous, the reality could be your Aadhar number will soon form your email id instead of your name or any other words.

Aadhar Number of Hanuman
Even Lord Hanuman will now have an email ID

This means if your email id was [email protected] or [email protected] etc; the name or the words before the @ will be replaced with your Aadhar number. Assuming your Aadhar number is 11111111111, then your email id will now read as [email protected] and so forth.

While the officials declined to reveal further details and preferred to maintain anonymity, they mentioned three important reasons why this change is being effected.

One – it helps establish your true identity. With KYC norms becoming very stringent, and fighting cyber crimes a priority, it is critical to identify whose email id you are dealing with. Using the above example, thousands of other people may have names similar to you, or use adjectives like cooldude etc, that everybody claims to be anyways. But Aadhar number is a unique number, hence makes it easy to identify.

Two – it helps control access of piracy and porn content on the internet. Given that Swachh Bharat is a focus area, the cyber space in India should also be free of garbage, said the officials.

Three – it helps take digital marketing to the next level. Today is not the age of B2B or B2C, rather it is the age of B2I. This means Business to Individual. In such a situation, businesses across industries will get a clearer idea of the prospective customers they are addressing through digital marketing, since Aadhar number contains peoples’ profile. Customers can also gain by getting right products pitched to them, instead of spam of unwanted products. However, the officials declined to comment if indeed peoples’ profiles will be revealed to marketers.

The officials said a cut-off date will be given- by when citizens will need to revise their existing email ids to reflect only their Aadhar number, or make new email ids with their Aadhar Number. This revised or new email id has to be updated in all the official places like banks and other service providers by that date. After that date, all other email ids inside India will become null-and-void, and customers will not be able to access those email ids any more.

They added that they are in talks with email service providers like gmail, rediff, yahoo, hotmail, etc to ensure that all their email ids made in India reflect this change by the cut-off date.



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  1. Why new email id ? Under the guise of “KYC”, Bharatiya AAM AADMIs were asked link Bank a/c with PAN, LPG a/c with Bank, PAN with Aadhar, Aadhar with Bank a/c, Passport with Aadhar, Aadhar with PAN ……

    So why not link email id with GST, GST with TAN, TAN with PAN, PAN with email and Aadhar with email ……

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