Women Demand Human Status On Par With Ganga, For Respect In Society

Protesting women think that getting human status is the only option left, as they find countless similaries between Ganga river and themselves.

Kolkata: Overjoyed at ‘human-status’ given to non-living Ganga river, that makes it on a par with humans, and enforces severe punishment for any harm to her such as pollution, women rights groups today demanded similar human status be given to them, for attaining respect in the society they deserve. This has beffled environmentalists in the country who thought only non-living beings are subjected to abuse in the country so far.

Indian Women Protest for human status on par with Ganga
Indian Women Protesting for human status, as a policeman looks on. (Courtesy: Wikimedia)

“Ganga was already a revered river in Hindu society, and was supposed to be treated on a par with God, but that’s not what has been happening. The same worshippers have polluted her to a level that makes her as bad as, if not worse, than the sewage water. Thousands of crores are spent every year to clean it, but she is getting dirtier every passing day. Probably declaring her as ‘human’ was the last desperate resort left to try,” said a high-ranking official of Ganga Action Plan to Teekhi Mirchi.

“In a way, I find Indian women very similar to Ganga, considered sacred like Durga, Savitri, Gargi etc in religious texts, but treated like shit in our society. They have allocated even a Ministry for our so-called welfare, a designated women’s day for us, to satisfy their hypocrisy, but look at our ordeal,” said a protesting woman, adding that, “If we’re officially declared human, probably people will be reminded- we too deserve respect and dignity.”

Meanwhile, Ganga has welcomed the new status given to her, but demanded it be clealy specified as Male Human (and not female) in law texts.



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