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A group of leading linguists in Harvard have revealed that the mysterious sound actually was the original language our ancestors spoke.

​Cambridge: Do you remember tapes in the audio cassettes of 90’s era accidently twisting inside, and then the song played in a mysterious language that we could not decypher? Did you always wonder what that mysterious sound actually meant, and whether it was some sort of magic unexplored, then you’re not alone.

Linguists finally broke the code
The mystery, finally decoded by Linguists.

A group of leading linguists in Harvard University have revealed that the mysterious sound actually was the original language our ancestors spoke in their day to day conversation, and then one fateful day an astroid hit the earth. The impact was so catastrophic, it wiped out the life on entire earth. Those who survived, had their DNA sequence reversed at positions that store speech related code.

This tragic Armageddon resulted in modifying our speech as we know it, reversing it backward, and the result is for all of us to see.

The researchers opined that it’s our duty to listen to our ancestor’s language again and again by tweaking audio cassettes, and restore our original speech to glory.

The research was published in the Journal of Ancient Languages And Phonetics.



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