Justin Bieber India Concert Tickets At 76K, RBI Limits Withdrawal To ₹100

76,000 INR for Justin Bieber India Concert, are you kidding me? That's not even the monthly income of most of the households in India.

Mumbai: I get, that concerts, especially the ones with international caliber, are expensive. And all of the times the management companies need to at least break even with costs when they’re getting international artists down to India.

Justin Bieber India Concert
Justin Bieber mimicking the suicidal instinct of his fans. (Image Courtesy: Joe Beilawa on Flickr)

Last year, when Coldplay came to India, the internet went up in a loud roar when the ticket prices were announced to be 25,000 INR. That, some would still justify, and a lot of the audiences got the chance of experiencing the band for free; courtesy of the Global Citizen.

Teekhi Mirchi did a survey that time and found that half the Indians thought Coldplay was a cough syrup, while other half thought it’s a newly launched Patanjali Cola cold drink.

But 76,000 INR for Justin Bieber India concert, are you kidding me? That’s not even the monthly income of most of the households in India. RBI has taken a strong step in curbing this nuance. According to the latest guidelines, RBI has set the withdrawal limit from ATM to 100 INR per day, so that the youth cannot conjure up to 76000 to pay for the concert. Parents and teachers have welcomed this move and have promised to support RBI after a long time.

Some children are filthy rich though, they are paying through online mediums. RBI will have to again pull up its socks to look into various ways the youth is exploring to be a part of the concert.



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