Whatsapp Helped Reduce Divorce Rates In India : Survey

Contrary to popular belief that social media apps have had only negative impact on society, Whatsapp has reportedly reduce divorce rate in India : Survey.

Contrary to popular belief that social media and messaging apps have had only negative impact on society and are cause behind growing number of divorces in India, Whatsapp, the revolutionary messaging service on mobiles, may have had a major social impact in India, according to a new survey. But how?

Earlier, wives would often call their husbands in the office several times during the day, and the phone would often go ringing. The husband would say later he was busy. But many times, wives suspected if he was lying. Their over-imaginative minds would lead them to think their husbands were having a affair in the office, hence unable to take her call. The result – the wife would eventually file for divorce, and the marriage would break. The same happened the other way too, as husbands calling wives who worked in office, often felt suspicious if the wife did not pick up the phone and later said she was busy.

Whatsapp Reduce Divorce Rates in India
Whatsapp: The new phenomenon in making or breaking a relationship.

However, Whatsapp messaging has helped the communication between husbands and wives, by making it very convenient and trackable. It is convenient because the person can type a quick reply even if he or she is busy in a meeting. The lack of communication for being unable to take a call, is now replaced with a convenient communication flow on whatsapp. Secondly, it is trackable because the sender can see when the recipient was last online on whatsapp and if he or she has read the message. So only if there is a gap in their reply despite the recipient being online can the sender suspect, else in other cases they will not. At least it reduces the number of suspect cases, whereas earlier it was occuring almost every time.

In this process, Whatsapp has helped reduce the divorce rates in India, by making husbands and wives less suspicious of each other. The government, while announcing a Peace Prize for Whatsapp CEO for making Indian couples trust each other better, has asked citizens to be less suspicious for every incident, saying there could always be genuine reasons for delays in replying.



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