Trump’s Foreign Policy Based On Construction Of Trump Towers?

Countries that see more construction of Trump towers might see very friendly relations with US, while countries that bar trump towers may face his wrath.

Washington/ Islamabad: Is Mr Donald Trump adjusting his US foreign policy depending on where construction of new Trump Towers projects is being executed, insiders in Washington are whispering. The real estate tycoon- now President-elect, is known for his business acumen. But while the public office he will hold in a few days bars him from any conflict of interests with his own business, insiders believe that his Trump Tower projects might be a decider.

Donald Trump posing with Trump Towers
Donald Trump posing with Trump Towers.

Countries which see more construction of Trump real estate projects might see very friendly relations with US, while countries that bar Trump real estate projects may face his wrath. Though the exact status of Trump Towers projects in China is currently unknown, whispers have started in Washington’s corridors if the lack of Trump projects in the biggest market of the world may have triggered the recent row between Trump and China over Taiwan.

On hearing this news, Pakistan is believed to have sent an open-invite to Trump’s advisers to set up Trump Tower projects in every Pakistani city, in the hope that the foreign investment will revive the economy which is now dependent totally on Chinese money (and of course export of terrorism throughout the world). This is not the first time that Pakistan has reacted to Fake news, thinking it to be True. Just last month, its Defense Minister issued a stern threat to Israel after hearing fake news in the media.
While the US President-elect reacted to Pakistan on Twitter with a post, “Hold on, Hold on, Watcha rot yoa’ll talkin’ bout?”, Washington insiders are now buzzing if Trump’s foreign policy is indeed being driven as per constructions of Trump Tower projects?



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