Now, KG Students Protest At Jantar Mantar, Demand Reservations In School Punishments

In a shocking new development, KG students protest erupted today on Jantar Mantar, demanding reservations in school punishments.

New Delhi: Jantar Mantar is seeing a new type of protest this week. KG-class school students in a private school are now marching to Delhi’s popular demonstration site, demanding reservations in school punishments. They feel some punishments like “write your name 100 times” are biased, and should be replaced with “stand up on the bench”.

KG Students Protest - Children at Jantar Mantar
Some children also created nuisance during the protest and went atop the monument.

The recent incident that triggered this protest, saw two students in KG class of Delhi’s Jan Ekta Public School being punished for not doing homework, by being made to write their names a 100 times each. While the punishment sounded fair to the teacher, since it’s been used in India for generations, the problem was their names itself. One boy’s name was Ramachandran Shivaswami Subramaniam, while the other boy’s name was Om Das.

Naturally, Om Das finished his punishment in very quick time, while Ramachandran Shivaswami Subramaniam took much longer, not to mention his writing hand was aching much more. Following this incident, he raised the matter to CM Kejriwal, who, being the expert on demonstrations, suggested he march to Jantar Mantar with his fellow students demanding reservations in school punishments.

Protesting KG class students have demanded that students with long names should not be punished by being asked to write their names, rather, punishment should be a ‘level-playing field’, like, “standing up on the bench” or “getting out of the class”, that treat all students equally. “Write your name 100 times” should only be reserved for students whose name have less than 10 alphabets.

The HRD Ministry has also taken cognizance of this protest for reservations by KG class school students, and has promised it will discuss the matter with the school associations and education departments. Meanwhile, it has also asked students to complete their homework on time, so that the need for punishment does not arise in the first place!



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