Secret Behind Karun Nair’s 303* Scrore Against England

There were many speculations/rumors behind the motivation that kept Karun going in for his knock of 303. Here are a few which we selected as the finest ones-

Chennai: Karun Nair scored 303 that sent chills down the spine of Indian cricket fans next morning when they saw something like this happened. Social Media again found its moment of glory with people starting to question Rohit Sharma’s luck in maintaining a place inspite of so many talented people in Ranji circles. Few questioned the timing of declaration may have forced this to a draw, and India just somehow survived to get a result out of it. We should have declared at lunch time but team management decided to give youngster a chance to score 300. He ended up not out on 303, and fulfilled the expectations the team management had from him.

Sumit Awasthi Baba Ramdev Sudhir Chaudhary
These are other two subjects who keep on going after Baba’s chyawanprash.

Also pointing out at his motivation and techniques and superstitions he followed, people were more focused on things that might have kept his focus intact in this marathon innings. There are few bizarre ones we bring out for you on this feat of Karun’s innings:

  1. Ramdev’s Chyawanprash: There are speculations that he ate Ramdev’s Chawanprash during the lunch time to keep his energies focused on getting a triple ton. During the on-field drinks break, he was provided with Ramdev’s Amla candies to stay focused.
  2. Sri Sri’s blessings: Sri Sri blessed him personally three times. A ton for each time.
  3. Jio Sim: He bought Jio Sim by standing in line for an hour. Took coaching lessons from the youtube videos he watched for free on it.
  4. Demonetization: For every run scored post 200, he was promised 100 rs, without standing in currency queue, which served as his biggest motivation. Also, as per the rumor mills, Virat has gone to the ATM to get 500 bucks from it, and they were waiting for him. Buzz has it that he too wanted to get Ramdev’s Chyawanprash and Sri Sri’s Blessing to either get the stamina to hit 300, or to get the luck of Rohit Sharma.

Hopefully, for India, He continues his sublime form and these reasons will keep on flowing in.



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