Indian 3D Printer Project To Negatively Hit China

Indian 3D Printer project has raised heckles in Beijing. It is feeling insecure that this might hit the billions of dollars of Chinese investments.

Beijing/ New delhi: China has raised protest against India about Delhi’s new Indian 3D printer project. Insiders in the Modi government allege this may be a reason why China is continually blocking India’s proposal to list Masood Azhar as a terrorist. It may be recalled that Masood Azhar, who was released after terrorists hijacked an Indian Airlines plane, and then disappeared with the hijackers across the Kandahar-Quetta border, is not considered a terrorist by Pakistan and China. Perhaps they may have, had a Pakistani or Chinese plane been hijacked?

Indian 3D Printer project
A prototype of the chinese product being built by Indian 3D printers project.

Nevertheless, the new Indian 3D Printer project has raised heckles in Beijing. It is feeling increasingly insecure that this new Indian project might hit the billions of dollars of investments China is making into developing infrastructure and connectivity between Asia and Europe. Its intention is to boost two-way trade through these infrastructure and connectivity, and bring economic prosperity to all the countries. But it is no hidden fact that only Chinese exports will benefit, since no other country can produce any product at a more competitive rate than China. Also, with most of the funding and construction being done by Chinese banks and companies, the economic benefit to China’s GDP from these developments is huge. But now, the Indian project is threatening to negate this huge benefit for China!

Indian technology experts in Bengaluru and Hyderabad are developing the proto-type of a next-generation 3-D printer that can actually print any product – including most of the products that China plans to export across its newly developed infrastructure. If this printer can be developed to full potential, all India has to do is transport one printer to the country it would have exported goods to. Then, that country can simply take print-outs of the product based on the product’s formula supplied by the Indian company. Voila, Indian products can now flood foreign markets in a jiffy! Since this will be more cost-effective for the buyer, as compared to importing physical products from China and incurring the thousands of dollars of transport costs across the highways, hence it can make Indian products more competitive.

This is the reason why China can be hit so negatively and hence, its loud protests. Pakistan’s ISI and Army, to keep its sole benefactor China happy, have promised to engage in cross-border firing to hit India till the time India stops its 3-D Printer project. However, India has issued a stern warning, saying its new foreign policy of “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” will be used if Pakistan engages in any mischief, and has told China that competitiveness cannot be stopped just because China is feeling insecure.

Meanwhile, shares of Indian technology companies soared in the stock exchanges!



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