After Valentine’s Day Activism, Hindu Sena Trains Digital Payments To Citizens

They realized this is an opportunity to show how they always work for the betterment of people, just like they work for peoples' betterment during Valentine's Day.

Remember when workers of groups like Hindu Sena and Shri Ram Sena protected Indian culture, tradition and values by hauling up “misbehaving couples” from coffee-shops and restaurants during Valentine’s Day activism?

Yogi Adityanath Ghar Wapsi
A Hindu Sena activist performing Diksha Sanskar after successfully completing digital transaction course.

These activists have now volunteered to train Indian citizens on how to use Digital Payments, in support of the BJP-led NDA government’s drive to push digital payments to counter corruption of cash-based transactions. While most citizens favour the demonetization move, they are struggling to understand the processes of how to make digital-based payment.

While the leaders of these activist groups have  publicly announced their support for demonetization, they realize converting their words into actions by going on-ground and helping people understand digital payments better would create positive publicity of them in front of citizens, who otherwise think of them as hypocritical as they act only when convenient for them.

Following this self-introspection, the activists of Hindu Sena and Shri Ram Sena have decided that this is a correct opportunity to show how they always work for the betterment of people by helping them understand digital payment processes, just like they work for their betterment by preserving ‘society morals’ on Valentine’s Day. They will start by teaching those waiting in bank and ATM lines, on how to make various digital payments, and then to every neighborhood in the locality.

The government has welcomed this decision of the groups, and thanked them for their continued efforts towards making a better India.

Citizens have welcomed this decision. They also added that, had the activists not volunteered at this crucial time when the nation truly needed help for digital payment training, people would have thought of them as hypocritical by only raising shout when it suited them for publicity instead of all the times when help was needed. But the activists have shown citizens how wrong they were in thinking this way, and showed their selfless nature by volunteering to train people on digital payments, and help take the nation forward. Following this, citizens apologized to the activists for wrongly thinking of them as hypocritical.

The activists added that in adherence of the government’s objective of a cleaner India by keeping maximum income accountable through using digital mediums, they have promised to use only digital methods for any donations or income they may receive in this volunteering task. They are now leading from the front in this transformation!



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