EXCLUSIVE: Interview With Rahul Gandhi On Demonetization

For the first time after demonetization, Rahul Gandhi has broken his silence, and Teekhi Mirchi brings to you EXCLUSIVE interview with Rahul Gandhi.

New Delhi: Even after a month, opposition parties are not allowing dust around demonetization to settle down. Every day during parliament proceeding, members of opposition reach well, as if they go to parliament to collect water from well. There will only be a few who are not aware of continuous disruptions happening in parliament. Many bills will again not be passed in this session, as has been the state of affairs from the time new century arrived.

Teekhi Mirchi interviewing Rahul Gandhi
A glimpse of Teekhi Mirchi’s interview with Rahul Gandhi.

Our responsible reporter met with Rahul Gandhi to know his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ and here is our EXCLUSIVE interview with Rahul Gandhi on demonetization:

Reporter: Sir, How are you?
Raga: How can I be, when everyone in my country is so much troubled due to demonetization?

Reporter: I was asking at an individual level. Anyways, how demonetization affected you at an individual level?
Raga: Well, it severely affected me. I was about to take some steps on women empowerment. All the funds were in, now, banned denominations.  Modiji knew that after women empowerment fructifying, women will vote congress back in to power. so he demonetized suddenly.

Reporter: Seriously, you want to relate women empowerment with demonetization?
Raga: Why? you don’t want women empowered?

Reporter: Yes. Everyone does. But I meant to ask how can anyone in the world relate women empowerment with demonetization.
Raga: I can. watch me interview with Arnab, where I talked extensively on women empowerment and slaughtered all his questions. I am a youth leader aiming to empower women. This is my new kind of politics.

Reporter: Sir, but this brand of politics has already been rejected by people in 2014 elections. Isn’t it?
Raga: (After deep thoughts) I will tell my mumma you were saying this to me. Don’t derail the conversation.

Reporter: So, tell me how are you going to empower women?
Raga: No, No, You tell. It’s high time you start telling me and I will do that.

Reporter: as you said earlier, you were not able to empower women due to demonetization. What were the plans you wished to achieve?
Raga: Couple of important ones.

Reporter: &…
Raga: Confidential ones. These are the times of cut-throat politics. Opposition might steal my plans.

Reporter: When is parliament going to function properly.
Raga: That you need to ask ruling when they are going to settle rest of our cash.

Reporter: Black Money?
Raga: No, Green with Pink. I like pink. Its the color of women empowerment.

Reporter: Coming back to demonetization, you have any idea what problems people are facing?
Raga: Yes. People are not able to pay their television bills. Not able to watch Pogo, Disney and other news channels.

Reporter: What?
Raga: You don’t know as you have not roamed in every part of this country. I have, and I know it how people are suffering.

Reporter: I guess we should have stayed with women empowerment. Thanks for spending time with us.
Raga: Thanks for interviewing me. It’s 6:58 already, and new show is premiering on 7:00. I better rush!



Disclaimer: This is a satirical article and is a work of fiction. Kindly do not confuse the news on this website as being genuine and factually true. This is a user generated content. You can also join Teekhi Mirchi and write for us.
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