Teekhi Movie Release: BANistan (*ing NarIndira Modi)

Will Modi govt be successful in making our country BANistan? To find out, watch our Teekhi Movie Release: BANistan, *ing NarIndira Modi.


New Delhi: Modi government has told NDTV India to go off air for 24 hours on 9th November. Government recommended this action over the broadcaster’s coverage of the Pathankot terror attack in January.

Modi government genuinely feels that ‘crucial information’ that was aired could have been readily picked by ISI beforehand their investigation inside air force base station, and had the potential to cause massive harm to the national security and to the lives of civilians and defense personnel. But people of India feel that banning NDTV for one day is just a trailer, Modi is moving fast in transforming news channels like NDTV into NDA-TV, and eventually Hindustan into BANistan. After dictating What to Eat, What to Hear, What to Wear, How to Pee, What to see and of course ‘Number of Children we must produce’ via various channels, Modi Govt has officially come out of its closet.

ModIndira Gandhi - Modi as Indira Gandhi
Exclusive Poster of BANistan, staring Narindira Modi.

Will Modi govt be successful in making our country BANistan?   To find out, watch our Teekhi Movie Release: BANistan!



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