Committee Recommends This Solution To Clear All Cases In Indian Courts

Courts in India have finally found a solution for the growing number of zillion cases lying in Indian courts. But the crooked BCCI has decided to bluff this and find its way out.

Mumbai/Delhi: There are countless number of cases (more than 3 crores) lying idle in the archives of court libraries. Those who were to get affected with the judgement have passed away years ago. Still, the number of unresolved cases keep on increasing. Court recently appointed a committee to suggest ways through which they can close cases faster. This, after it was noticed that even some cases in fast track court have taken longer than it would have taken in normal courts.

The committee after 15 years of rigorous brainstorming, has finally found a solution. When we contacted committee head, he was quick to reply:

It was only before and after 2014 general elections, that we found a lead on how to go forward with the problem in our hand. Here is the excerpts of our interview with committee head.

Reporter: So, what’s the solutions that you are putting.

Committee head: We are going to write a summary of the cases with the evidences available on the Facebook, and people can like or dislike the post, and we can count the numbers and give the verdict.

Reporter: Have you not heard of Facebook ads, that can get likes from the people who are not even remotely interested in the post?

CH: That option is available to both the parties, which neutralizes the effect.

Reporter: Stronger parties like BCCI who are in an ongoing tussle with Supreme court can use this path and get a PR agency to get itself certified nationally, and get clear in the case.

CH: We thought about that as well. We will restrict such cases for not going to Facebook. Courts these days take more interest in these cases, than the ones related to normal people of this country.

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As per reports BCCI had already zeroed in on a PR agency. But later, they realized that it too late, and that, it was only a satire.

Reporter: What about the cases related to Salman Khan? With his popularity level soaring to an all time high, how can he ever be convicted?

CH: Is he convicted currently? Plus, this will lead to faster judgement in cases like Vikas Yadav, Manu Sharma etc, where public sentiment is against the criminals.

Reporter: What if there is a tie in the number of likes on Facebook?

CH: Judge has one reserved like, which will be used as a tie breaker.

(Hopefully this stays a satire and never becomes a reality.)



Disclaimer: This is a satirical article and is a work of fiction. Kindly do not confuse the news on this website as being genuine and factually true. This is a user generated content. You can also join Teekhi Mirchi and write for us.
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