Scientists Claim Life Doesn’t Exist Beyond Earth, Here Is Why

A group of researchers based in Brussels have claimed that life is not possible beyond earth, adding that, we homo sapiens are indeed special.

Brussels: There is a bad news for the entire scientific community searching for extra terrestrial life outside of earth. A group of researchers based in Brussels have claimed that life is only possible on planet earth, adding that, we homo sapiens are indeed special.

Aliens - Do the exist
Aliens’ reaction upon hearing this news from earth.

Humans have been desperately searching for clues of life in our solar system and other galaxies, even those that are millions of light years away from us, hoping that we someday receive a radio signal from them, and send a ‘acklowledgement’ signal back that reaches them millions of years from now. Humans are definitely not likely to survive by that time, and hence this exercise is widely believed as an attempt to frustrate aliens.

This discovery by researchers has come as a big blow to the SETI project, that searches for alien life throughout the universe. Humans are wondering whether the money spent on this fruitless exercise could be put to better use such as saving life back here, and its possibility in future.

When asked, a member of the research team revealed that they came to this conclusion based on the fact that all the Miss Universe contest winners so far have been from our world alone.

“It would be very arrogant to think that we’re the only beautiful species throughout the universe, of a size it’s impossible for human brain to imagine. So, if alien life really existed, they would definitely have participated in this contest of prestige, and won several awards, but that’s not the case,” explained the member.

“We modeled the universe in 4D, based on this important fact through supercomputer simulation and found no traces of life in our model right since big bang to end of the universe. Hence proved- we’re at the center of this universe, as believed in ancient universe models, and that, we’re the one!” said the lead researcher.

The study was published in the Journal of Life Search Decoder (LSD).



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