Rahul Supports Surgeons On Strike, Calls Modi An Anti-Surgeon PM

With Rahul Gandhi lending his hands to support 'surgeons on strike', a new unusual vote-bank is created in Indian electoral history.

Uttar Pradesh: Rahul, a self proclaimed protector of farmers, dalits, non-dalits, muslims, non-muslims (in short, all those who don’t vote for his party) has opened another frontier of protecting the ‘surgeons on strike’. During a speech in some Khat pe Sharcha in a remote UP village, he was informed that there is a twitter trend about some ‘surgical strike’. Rahul immediately changed his speech midway to include the dismay of surgeons as an acknowledgement of increasing popularity of the strike on twitter.

Rahul Gandhi on fast against surgical strike
Surgeons from Gurgaon’s Lootanta Hospital urging Rahul Gandhi to end his fast in support of Surgeon’s strike.

He continued his speech, “Congress party is known for helping surgeons all the time. My mother went to US for a surgery to avoid increasing the workload of surgeons of India. But this Modi regime is doing everything to ruin their lives. This is the reason, so many surgeons have gone on strike, that it became a twitter trend”.

PMO, when asked to comment on this latest allegation by the Gandhi scion concluded that after surgical strikes and the physical losses Pakistan has suffered, they are planning for an attack at the mental level, and send Rahul to Pakistan for bilateral talks. That will be a deadly blow for them.

On hearing this latest update, Pakistan official spokesperson accepted their country is indeed the one promoting terrorism, and that they did it because they confused terrorism with tourism; thanks to strong English credentials proven over time by Pakistani cricket team captains.

“We can leave our occupied territory in Kashmir as well. We can handle thousand more surgical strikes but not the Gandhi scion,” concluded the official.

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