BJP MPs Uninstall Torrent Applications To Protest Against Anurag Kashyap

BJP MPs today uninstalled torrent applications from their laptops as a form of protest against Anurag Kashyap, whose movies are mostly watched this way.

Mumbai: Anurag Kashyap came heavily loaded recently and bombarded PM Modi with comments regarding the ban on Pakistani actors. Anurag has come out in support of his friend Karan Johar, whom he also cast in Bombay Velvet.

Smashed Laptop.
One angry MP even broke his laptop with a hammer to register his protest.

According to Kashyap, banning movies is not the solution to every problem. In fact we should do something for our soldiers if we really care for our country. BJP MPs have not taken his comments well, and staged a strong protest near his house. They even threw DVDs of Bombay Velvet at his house.

Now, BJP has formulated a new strategy to protest against Anurag. They have uninstalled the torrent application from their laptops as a form of protest against Anurag Kashyap, as most of the Anurag movies are watched by downloading from torrents. Very rarely do people go to a theater to watch a Anurag Kashyap movie. Bombay Velvet was one such example.

People are also saying the Anurag is supporting Karan because Karan didn’t charge a single penny for his role in Bombay Velvet.

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