How The PM Must Have Felt After RaGa Praised Him For Surgical Strike?

Rahul Baba says he supports the PM. My god! What a good news for the PM? One just wonders how the PM must have felt…elated, excited, ecstatic, elastic (slightly relaxing stretch), emotional, euphoric, exultant, exhilarated and ………………………………………. In all probability he spent sleepless nights, after all this was a rarest of rare situation.
After all the great Rahul Baba had praised him and said, “when the prime minister acts as the prime minister of the country then I too support him.”

So what does all these mean?

Modi looking at the list of Gaalis during a demo by Abhadra.
PM Narendra Modi reacting at RaGa’s statement.

Earlier the PM was not acting like the PM, then what was he doing. A big trillion dollar question RaBa has asked it? So, there is a special acting school where one will learn to act as a PM. So, all aspiring PMs should join the school including RaBa. All are requested to contact Congress HQ to know the exact address of the school. Even the PM is advised to take the advanced course for 2019.
“I want to thank him that in the past two-and-a-half years, this is the first action which can be termed as worthy of prime minister,” he said.

Right sir! You are hundred percent right, no doubt. But, discounting all his actions as PM, there is one action you forgot, which no one can deny in the whole world. Guess! No answer, well, here it is, he took the oath of the PM, ha ha hu hu. Again we cannot fault RaBa for his absence of knowledge, because dis we really had a PM during the UPA, again, ha ha hu hu. So, full points to him for having scored a point.

“He has my full support and that of the Congress…The entire nation is with him today” added RaBa. Sir! This wisdom came a little late, probably due to the late arrival of wisdom teeth. The GST bill could have been passed much earlier without your party wasting so much national time. The only problem is that you realised that the nation has always been with him, only “samajh ate ate der kardi” (you were late to understand).

And above all activist, (so called) altruist, always (unnecessarily) animated, (hyper) active, and what not Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, has supported the PM for this surgical strike.

One really pity for the PM, what he would do with so much unexpected happiness, which arrived unannounced, undeclared, uninvited and so on……………….



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