Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Catching Fire Regularly, Terrorists To Use Them As Weapons

Due to frequent and predictable incidents of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire, terrorists have now decided to use them as weapons for its cheaper price and in order to evade capture.

POK: Terrorists are always looking for new options to attack people with. They try to get weapons which are not easily detectable by police and other investigating agencies.

Terrorists Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rocket Launcher
Terrorists loading a rocket launcher with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at a secret location in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

Pakistani terrorists who have been brainwashed to attack India regularly have found a new weapon, in case they are short off conventional options. They have been supplied with latest weapons from ISI and the Pakistani army, but now they have figured out a cheaper alternative which will help them during their attacks.

Samsung galaxy note 7 has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. 1800 phones have caught fire and Samsung has blamed faulty battery for this massive issue. Samsung has recalled all the faulty phones, but now the terrorists want them at a premium price so that they can use them as a weapon.

The phones will come at a cheaper price as compared to guns, grenades and other weapons. Terrorists are trying to figure out a way to clear all phones from the market and supply it to their colleagues who can then use them as weapons.

Well, it’s a dangerous situation for Samsung as they would not want their products to be used by terrorists. Its better they recall the devices as soon as possible.

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