Pakistanis Are Charging Their Mobiles By Stealing This From India…

Teekhi Mirchi sent a team of reporters to Pakistan in order to investigate Pakistan Black Day. Our research threw up these startling revelations.

Lahore: Recently we heard a black day was carried out in Pakistan on the auspicious occasion of killing of ‘martyr’ Burhan Wani. We sent our team of dedicated reporters to the world’s best country (believe us for the sake of first two lines of this report) Pakistan. Our research in Pakistan threw up these startling revelations.

Pakistan India border satellite image
Photo: An artists’s impression of satellite view that captures Pakistanis charging their mobiles from India.

Teekhi Mirchi is the only source of good journalism prevailing in current times (Read the disclaimer). We are the ones who report from the ground zero. (Don’t compare us with Parkha. *name changed for the sake of nothing).

Pakistan has been described by a great poet with these lines:

For those who search for the truth of heaven and hell,
I have been there, where there is a road straight to hell,
Stay in your homes and take bath in your home’s tube well,
Because outside your entire neighbourhood is playing bloodshell!
(actually its bloodshed, but you would ignore that. Won’t you?)

Off late, with India’s stance on Kashmir getting stricter, there have been similar returns and inflated promises from Pakistan’s  side as well. When India killed one of the terrorists in Kashmir’s strike, the other day Pakistan declared black-day without being of aware of its consequences. We sent our daring and unpaid reporters (including this one) to Pakistan to know the ground reality of this Black-day.

There was a bomb-blast across the road and people around were so habitual to it, that they were not even concerned of the smoke arising out of this bomb blast. It was so black that we decided to inquire with the local authorities if there was a black day that day as well. To our surprise, the authority office was shut down. The lock on the door was catching rust, signifying how many days have gone by without anyone willing to come here. We tried to capture all this on our camera but our batteries were discharged. Thankfully, some of their national heroes had placed a bomb and its remote at the authority warehouse, which guard at the building provided us.

He also informed us that it stays like this throughout the year. Power supply would come for an hour or so. Off late, there have been enormous protests to improve the infrastructure, but then our great and Sharif leader told us that we will be cutting electricity for those one or two hours  in order to pay respect to Kashmiri leaders, who are dying in their fights with India. So, now we are powerless 24X7.

When inquired whether they were aware of Burhan Wani before the killing, his blank face was enough to tell us that he still was unaware of this name.

We asked him further if he has any request for Indian authorities. He told us, “Please stop killing Kashmiri leaders at all cost, otherwise we won’t be able to charge our mobiles. Our leaders are taking Blackdays dead seriously!”

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Disclaimer: This is a satirical article and is a work of fiction. Kindly do not confuse the news on this website as being genuine and factually true. This is a user generated content. You can also join Teekhi Mirchi and write for us.
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