Kejriwal Sends Birthday Gift To Modi From Amazon Via Cash On Delivery

Arvind Kejriwal sent a surprise gift for the PM Modi on his birthday from Amazon. But the payment mode selected by Kejriwal is Cash on Delivery.

New Delhi: It is a well-known fact that Mr. Kejriwal is Anti Modi. He has been accusing Narendra Modi of all the latest happenings in Delhi. Recently he even accused the centre of not providing any autonomy to the Government of Delhi and putting them in a soup.

Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal
A masterstroke by Kejriwal left PM Modi very worried.

Kejriwal in a recent interview had said that, the Delhi government can’t even buy a pen without the permission of center. Modi has not taken such blames seriously and has asked Delhi government to deliver on their promises. BJP ministers have constantly accused Kejriwal of bringing shame to politics by repeatedly targeting the PM.

But everything changed on 17th September, the birthday of PM Modi. Kejriwal sent a surprise gift for the PM from Amazon. But the twist in the tale comes from the fact that the payment mode selected by Kejriwal is Cash on Delivery. He has selected a very costly gift and wants Modi to pay for it by Cash on Delivery.

Amazon is happy to deliver an order to the prime minister of India, but are worried as to how to ask for cash. Kejriwal has put both Amazon and Modi is a bit spot of bother.

Well, his shrewdness was never in doubt and now he has stamped his authority.

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