Facebook Helps This MBA Student Find Out 200 Hidden Qualities In Him

An MBA student today claimed he discovered hidden qualities within him from regular dosage of Facebook. He also said this has changed his life forever.

Indore – Well, finding one’s hidden qualities is not a big task anymore, thanks to Facebook. A tool which was thought to help improve your social rating is doing much more than that; it is now helping explore ‘Yourself as a person’.

Facebook Injection
Photo: Scientists are reportendly working on an injectible ‘feel-good’ medicine prepared from harmones generated after Facebook usage.

Gone are those days when people used to travel alone to find out about their real self, it’s possible now by spending just a little amount of time per day on Facebook (12 hours a day).

The above mentioned facts came into limelight when a student named Ramesh spoke about his qualities which he discovered from regular dosage of Facebook.

Ramesh is an MBA student, a very intellectual MBA student in fact, who eats and sleeps on the movies made by Rohit Shetty, Sajid Khan and Farah Khan to name a few.

In a recent professional interview with a corporate house he was asked to name 5 of his best qualities, and to everyone’s surprise he named 200 of those, just because of Facebook.

When asked to explain the whole process of unearthing hidden gems inside him, Ramesh elaborated it with some examples.

“There are these posts on Facebook such as 5 best things about guys from Mumbai, 10 best things about people born in December, 13 best things about a tall guy, 7 best things about a guy who has no friends, 18 best things about guys who are losers, 21 best things about guys who don’t have a life etc. etc. etc. and so on,” Ramesh says that everyone should refer to such posts and stop worrying about one’s personality.

Meanwhile, Ramesh’s girlfriend is hopeful that someday Ramesh will read a post on Facebook title ‘5 things women like in men’ and hopefully add a few meaningful 10 to the list of 200.

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