And The Award For Best Story Streamlining Guidelines On Web Goes To…

You see a variety of news on web. Various media houses are also running its sections of news. Have you ever wondered, what are the guidelines followed, which decides the run times of any news on a website. Read On..

Everyone wants to be a journalist these days. Almost everyone, who does not have any work wants to write a story. Teekhi Mirchi decided to evaluate different websites for the guidelines they follow when they feature a news, and how long they keep it on home page. B.O.In is one such website (read only one) of the contenders that shared their guidelines with us.

Indian News channels
Photo: The long list of contenders?

The criteria for selecting this one was- it needs to have a set process through which it features a story/video/editorial on the front page where people can easily notice it.

BOIn was the only one that proudly shared with us their streamlined guidelines of publishing a story. We evaluated BOIn for over 1000 days to verify whether they follow their guidelines stringently or not. These are the guidelines:

1. Murder Story: If it’s a murder story, it stays on the page till next murder happens. In other cases, if it is a high profile murder, enter the catchy headlines about the sexual relationships of the person murdered, for inatance, “The girl who had sex with five in one night gets murdered?”

The question mark (?) at the end is important, considering it questions the number of times, and not the authenticity of murder. Murder still happened. It is featured in prime section for a few days beyond which it drops down to mid section, but stays there for another week(s).

2. Gang Rapes: These are very important news items considering the state of safety of women in India. So they feature it for a month at least in different sections. The education department of this website has made a point to mention all the sexual positions used, and not to forget the use of question mark.

“Its signifies the curative nature of the website.”

3. Social Issues: This sensational website makes it a point to keep things sensational. The normal social issues does not impact society anyways. So, the feature time for them is obviously less. Generally an hour. In some cases if admin forgets to update the site, it may last for few hours, after that they have created a flush script which deletes all such stories that have already been visible for more than 30 minutes, and place them in redundant sections of the websites.

Now there are always editorials/articles which can change the society in general and they do need longer run time to reach the maximum number of people. In our 1000 days of research, we did find the contender trying to change the society.

“This is called their standing tall/Changing body balance strategy of the website.”

The title of this story is “XXX secrets of Funny Leone”, and today it has completed its 100 days of constant feature on the front page of this website. This news is very important for us in general, as it changes country at large and brings largeness to countries otherwise small sleeping things. For news like these, the porn ban in India went unnoticed.

The site is also used for Promotions. Well, as per the stats, 80% of the things on website are promotion related. It can be promotion of a product, upcoming movie, Actor etc.

I think you know who we are talking about. Do let me know, if we are on same page on this or not.

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Disclaimer: This is a satirical article and is a work of fiction. Kindly do not confuse the news on this website as being genuine and factually true. This is a user generated content. You can also join Teekhi Mirchi and write for us.
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