The Sequel To ‘Saat Khoon Maaf’ Will Be Titled ‘Saare Khoon Maaf’ Starring Salman Khan

‘Saare Khoon Maaf’ is a story of a celebrity who escapes law after killing almost everything which is killable on this planet.

Mumbai. After critical acclaim for ‘Saat khoon maaf’, renowned director Vishal Bharadwaj is in the process of making a sequel titled ‘Saare Khoon Maaf’. The casting for the movie got completed today, and Salman has been approached for the lead role. Vishal wanted a natural actor for the role and someone with the experience of killing people. Salman fits the bill perfectly, as his CV boasts of killing humans, animals and now even killing judiciary.

Salman Khan in Jai Ho
No murder is murder if murdered by Salman Bhai!

‘Saare Khoon Maaf’ is a story of a celebrity who escapes law after killing almost everything which is killable on this planet. Salman read the script, and found it very related to his life. According to Vishal, it takes courage and guts to kill people and live a celebrity life, which indeed will be the theme of ‘Saare khoon maaf’. The scripting phase started when Salman was accused of the Hit and Run case and the final draft was completed today morning after his acquittal in the Black Buck case.

Side actors have also been finalized with Salman’s driver playing the supporting role. High court judge of Rajasthan and Salman’s lawyer have also been approached for some substantial part in the movie. Salman fans are over the moon as bhai will be donning a more realistic role after ‘Tere Naam’. Salman has gone into the preparation mode and will be on a killing spree for the next couple of days. Maharashtra government has given strict warnings to people to vacate the footpaths and any causality will not come under the judicial framework.

Salman’s car and his gun have been sent to service centers to make them ready to kill again. It’s heartening to see the amount of effort Salman is putting to get into the character. Salman haters can say what they want to, but when it comes to playing real life character, ‘Bhai’ has it all. Dates will be finalized on the basis of number of people sleeping on footpath on a particular day, as Vishal wants the killings to look natural. Forests with substantial population of black buck have been identified for shooting. Police has been informed in advance for not registering any cases, as the killings would be for the shooting purpose and not for any personal vendetta.

Well, the film fraternity has complete faith in Vishal to deliver a very realistic and ‘BHAIstic’ movie and the wait has started. Go Salman!

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