Rahul Gandhi: “There Were No Pokemons To Catch, So I Slept In Parliament”

Rahul Gandhi, known for his love for childish games, has come up with bizarre explanation for sleeping in parliament: there were no Pokemons to catch there!

Rahul Gandhi sleeping in parliament
Photo: A hard working fan of Pokemon Go.

New Delhi: In an incident which has put congress party to shame, Rahul baba was found sleeping in parliament for the umpteenth number of time. The sleeping part can be ignored for a parliamentarian if someone like Rahul baba is making a boring speech. But, no, this was Mr. Rajnathji speaking on the issue related to the latest attacks on dalits in Gujarat.

Rahul baba, in the past, had given various reasons for sleeping in parliament, few of them are listed below:

  1. “I don’t understand the railway budget.”
  2. “My AC was not working at home, so had incomplete sleep last night.”
  3. “I was not sleeping, I was doing the ‘Shavasana’ to promote yoga day.”

BJP has now come out in strong protest of the Gandhi scion, and has demanded for equal sleeping rights for all. They have asked the speaker to provide every parliamentarian with a fixed amount of sleeping time, so that leaders like Rahul baba don’t take undue advantage of the situation. Senior Samajwadi leader Mr. Mulayam Singh has supported Rahul baba by saying that, “Rahul baba sleeping in parliament and not participating in parliamentary affairs is advantageous for the country.”

The Lok Sabha speaker has asked for an explanation from Rahul baba, but Rahul baba didn’t get time to prepare an explanation as he was busy taking a nap at his residence. Finally today, when our reporter Shwetank Srivastava persuaded Rahul baba to communicate the reason for his latest ‘sleepgate’, Rahul baba gave in to the request.

According to Rahul baba, he has been addicted to the latest gaming sensation named Pokémon Go, and has been playing it regularly on his phone. He has even arranged rallies in different parts of India where the density of pokemons is substantial. With lots of hard work and concentration, he was able to catch all the pokemons in the parliament. Now that, there was no Pokémon left inside the parliament and no motivation left inside Rahul baba, he felt bored and made good use of the time to take a power nap.

The BJP leaders have apologized to Rahul baba, and asked ‘Nintendo’ to release more pokemons in the parliament to keep Rahul baba motivated.

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