Modi Accepts This Guy Is More Responsible For Congress Mukt Bharat, Praises Sonia

Remember in 2014 elections, when Modi raised the slogan of Congress free India. In this interview Modi reveals who actually helped realize this dream.

Film City, Noida: Remember in 2014 elections, when Modi raised the slogan of Congress free India (Congress-Mukt Bharat). We still are waiting for the day when this thing realizes, if it realizes at all. Given that Amit shah had made another much talked about point during elections, 15 Lakh in each bank account was only a election trick (Joomla, not to be confused with a CMS of similar name).

Everyone was then doubting whether this ‘congress free India’ also turns out to be the same Joomla. BJP was in the dock on this issue, so national superhero Arnab Goswami decided to get this cloud cleared with the man itself.

Narendra Modi chose to reply to him by giving answers to two questions. These two answers cleared all the doubts over how we are going to see Congress free India. The surprising thing though was Modi showering respect for his then political rival Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.

Check out the image below to know the details of how everything happened. Who does Modi credit for dismal performances of congress in all the recent elections?

Arnab & Modi
Meme: Yugpurush Modi With Nation’s very own superhero Arnab.

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