Baba Ramdev Launches ‘Patanjali Langot’ For Brahmcharya

Baba Ramdev is soon going to give a big gift to countrymen. His new product, called Patanjali Langot, is soon going to hit market amid much fanfare.

Rohtak: After flooding your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom, Patanjali products are going to enter your pants as well. Yes, if sources are to be believed, Baba Ramdev will soon launch his new series of undergarments with what is being suspected to be called ‘Patanjali Langot’. These undergarments are named ‘Bahurupa’, in direct competition with rival Rupa brand.

India Today cover Baba Ramdev
Photo: Baba Ramdev in an advertisement of Patanjali Langot
(Courtesy: India Today)

Baba claims that these specially designed Langots will keep your manhood in check, enabling you to practice Brahmacharya like a candy. These days men are already finding it difficult to stop themselves from committing sex-related crimes, thanks to jeans, chowmein, mobile phones, mannequins, leggings etc. Now it is being hoped that these Langots will instill Sanskaars in Indian psyche, and stop men’s minds from being contaminated.

Readers of Teekhi Mirchi would remember that Baba Ramdev had recently launched Patanjali Flavored Condoms under his Fuckanjali banner for sexual wellness. The condom was marred with controversies and even threats were issues on Teekhi Mirchi website, asking us to take the story down.

Not everybody is pleased with this revolutionary product though.

VHP leader Praveen Togadia, who had ordered asked Hindus to abandon English underwear, and wear Desi Langot intead, was upset with Baba Ramdev and lashed out at him.

“Hindus will start practicing Brahmacharya  after wearing this Langot, then how the hell will they produce 4+ children?” asked a visibly angry Togadia, adding that, “It seems even Baba Ramdev is hand-in-glove with Christian Missionaries in his lust for money.”

Sources told Teekhi Mirchi that Togadia is opposing Baba Ramdev out of fear that Patanjali’s sexual products under the banner of Fuckanjali brand may leave Togadia’s recently started sex toys and lingerie business way behind.



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