Right Wing Trolls Meet To Decide New Kejri Joke Formats. Raita, Khansi, Dharna Jokes To Go

A meeting of Right Wing trolls was held today in capital to decide new Kejri joke formats, in order to uplift the standard of jokes cracked on social media

Arvind Kejriwal in Muffler with Emirates airhostesses
Arvind Kejriwal posing with his bodyguards, who are especially trained to protect him from internet trolls.

New Delhi: In an encouraging move that could uplift the standard of jokes cracked on social media, a meeting of Right Wing trolls was held in capital today to decide new Kejri joke formats. Experts fear this may pave the way for more heated exchange between right wing trolls and AAP trolls (also called AAPtards) on social media, whose interaction is getting dull and is declining exponentially day-by-day.

“Those old joke formats sucked! Every time someone criticized or mocked my leader, I cracked time-tested Khansi-Raita-Dharna jokes on Kejriwal, hoping that this would shut up the AAPtard guy. But over the period, it started getting repetitive, monotonous and far from ground realities. Kejriwal no more coughs, wears muffler, or sits on Dharna these days. Does he? And Raita jokes were boring in any case. So we decided to invent new joke formats and continue our fight on social media with new vigor,” a right wing troll, who tweets from handle @MahaveerM_ told Teekhi Mirchi.

“We were aware of ineffectiveness of these jokes, but it was kinda compulsive, well, because, we’re trolls after all, trolling is in our blood,” he added.

AAPtards have, strangely, welcomed this move, hoping that the new formats would be equally, if not more, boring.

At the time of writing this article, the only joke formats they could built consensus on, were related to Ashutosh’s dark skin color, Kejriwal’s Chappals and his plus size shirt.



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