Rahul Gandhi Offers To Campaign For Hillary Clinton, Leaves Her Nervous

After successfully leading his party in recently held elections, Rahul Gandhi has offered to help Democratic Party's Hillary Clinton win.

Guwahati/ New York: After successfully leading his party (to defeat) in recently held assembly elections, Rahul Gandhi, the crown prince of Congress, and second PM-in-waiting only after Lal Krishna Advaniji, has offered to help Democratic Party’s Hillary Clinton win, by fiercely campaigning for her throughout the US.

Rahul Gandhi campaigning with and for Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump
If everything goes as per plan, Rahul Gandhi will be frequently seen campaigning for and with Hillary Clinton like this.

The news is significant, because according to a survey by an Indian surveyor agency C Voter, Rahul Gandhi’s bête noire, Narendra Modi is likely to win US presidential elections.

“I’ve already had a good track record of fighting with right wing forces in India. Now is the time to help Hillaryji fight and win over Right Wing’s Trump in America,” said an enthusiastic Congress Vice President.

The development has sent Hillary and her supporters into a state of nervousness. Her spokesperson declined to comment, citing diplomatic considerations and several protocols, but added that they may use Rahul’s services in places they’re already sure of losing.

“Data shows his Congress party mostly lost in constituencies where he campaigned in India. We also know he was known for hitting self-goal in football matches at schools,” explained Democratic Party spokie the reason behind their approach.

Sensing another opportunity of sensationalizing a trivial news such as this, Fox News has offered to Rahul Gandhi a Times Now-like interview, wherein Arnab Goswami virtually tore him apart. Sources told Teekhi Mirchi that Rahul has readily agreed.



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