Modi Degree Row: Right Wing Trolls Desperately Delete Old Tweets On Jitender Tomar

The Modi Degree row refuses to boil down, and is triggering unusual behavior among netizens countrywide. AAP trolls are no behind, and are trying to make sure this issue takes the centerstage all day.

The Modi Degree row refuses to boil down, and is triggering unusual behavior among netizens countrywide.

While AAP trolls are hell bent on mocking Narendra Modi for his alleged fake degrees, Right Wing trolls are not left behind. Teekhi Mirchi tied up with a global web analytics company to understand this behavioral dynamics on social media, and results were truly jaw-dropping for us.

Just another day in the life of an internet troll. (Photo courtesy: Mashable)
Just another day in the life of an internet troll. (Photo courtesy: Mashable)

Right Wing trolls, who had indefatigably posted thousands of tweets and messages during Jitender Singh Tomar’s degree row last year, ridiculing and lambasting him for making a mockery of law and stature of his high-office, were found to be desperately searching for and deleting those old posts. Analysts say this bizarre behavior was triggered by the fear that AAP trolls may RT those old tweets, accusing hypocrisy and doublespeak, further fueling the Modi degree row on social media.

When Teekhi Mirchi spoke to an active AAP troll on twitter, he showed familiarity with this trend, but told us that desperate acts such as this, don’t work.

“We always play safe, and give them back the taste of their own medicine. I have stored terabytes of old tweet screenshots of Right wing trolls for future use, that I can use anytime to embarrass them,” said an AAP troll who tweets with handle @DonMufflerMan.

At the time of writing this news, Right Wing trolls were busy hastily searching for old tweets of AAP trolls, that could prove their doublespeak. “Lohe ko Loha Katata Hai…Hypocrisy ko Hypocrisy,” revealed a right wing troll @foolfunnytshirts, the game plan of their online group.



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