India Has More Trump Fans Than Entire US : Survey

According to a survey done by Indian statistical analysis firm D-Voter, Mr. Donald Trump fans in India outnumber his entire fan-base in America combined.

New Delhi: There is some bad news for the fans of Donald J. Trump in United States. According to a survey done by Indian survey firm D-Voter, Mr. Trump has more fans in India than his entire fan-base in America combined. This revelation has sent India’s right wing leaders into jittery, because they may increasingly feel pressured to toe the line Mr. Trump takes, and support all his statement and policies, awkwardly, from several thousand miles away.

In normal world free of ironies and contradictions, his fans in India would have wanted him to win US presidential election being held this year. But rather, defying all established notions of common sense and predictive analysis, Trump fans in India want him to lose, for of course a weird reason.

Donald Trump fans in India's capital New Delhi also performed a 'Havan' (Religious ritual) to pray for his defeat in US elections.
Donald Trump fans in India’s capital New Delhi also performed a ‘Havan’ (Religious ritual) to pray for his defeat in US elections.

“Only Trumpji can rid India of our most pressing problems, such as- minority appeasement, love-jehad, cow-slaughter etc, to name a few,” said a jubilant Indian Trump supporter, adding that, “If he becomes US President, all our hopes will be shattered, because we want him to fight and win 2019 Indian General Elections instead.”

When asked how can an American citizen become Indian PM, this reporter was declared Sickular, regional chauvinist and ultra-nationalist. “When Modiji can dream of being US President, why not otherwise?” asked a visibly angry Trump supporter based in Delhi.

“It’s not that we’re not happy with Modiji, but he hasn’t shown his ‘killer-instinct’ for a long time. I am sure Trumpji isn’t going to disappoint me, and would bring truly Achhe Din to India,” he added.

Though Trump has already termed Indians as the ones whose only job is to ‘steal jobs’, his fans here are definitely not perturbed, and term it as ‘minor misunderstanding’ and ‘out of context statement’.

Whether this latest data about his new-found fan-base in India makes Trump soften his stand on India, will be closely watched by political commentators and foreign-policy makers in times to come.



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