Old Reports Titled ‘Sonia Unhappy’ To Be Republished With ‘RSS Unhappy’ News Stories

The Editors Guild of India today declared, they will republish all the old news stories titled 'Sonia unhappy over...' with new title 'RSS unhappy over'.

New Delhi: The Editors Guilt of India today declared that they will republish all the old news stories reported in erstwhile UPA-I and UP-II with headline- ‘Sonia unhappy over…’, and replace that phrase with ‘RSS unhappy over…’.

Mohan Bhagwat Twisting Narendra Modi's ears
RSS boss showing his ‘unhappiness’ with the head of current government.

The lobbying organization is a group of armchair newspaper editors, who represent media’s guilt for not raising issues of marginalized and voiceless people, and mostly reporting Saanp-Bichchhoo kind of stories.

The decision was taken after they found multiple instances of RSS ‘not being happy over‘ functioning of current BJP government and many of its outspoken leaders.

“When Manmohan Singh was in power, everyday we used to get call from Soniaji. She wanted us to publish reports with captions such as ‘Sonia unhappy over price rise’, ‘Sonia Unhappy over Blah Blah decision of govt’, etc. The idea was to let Manmohan do all the dirty things, and then express regret, sometimes even toppling those decisions dramatically. This drama helped poor citizens of the country think that government is listening to them and is open to self-correction,” explained one armchair editor.

“Now the lame duck Manmohan is replaced with globetrotting Modi, and Sonia’s job of remote-control is done by RSS, hence this extreme step by us. In order to avoid daily nudge from Nagpur, we’ve decided to publish these kind of stories even before we get any request from RSS,” he concluded.



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