IT Firm Installs Mobile Data Jammers To Increase Productivity

Other IT companies are also expected to follow the suit, raising demand for such hi-tech devices.

Gurgaon: Taking an extreme and rare measure to save crucial productivity lost in mobile browsing by its employees, Khapient Technologies has recently installed mobile data jammers at all the floors in order to stop its employees from wasting their time staring at their mobile phones for hours, instead at their desktops.

Smartphone Usage in offices
With the new measure, sights like this in IT offices would now be a thing of the past.

“The traditional approach is not working,” said a senior HR Manager working in Khapient, adding that, “We do have, like all other IT companies, firewalls installed that denies any web request to leisure websites such as sports, shopping, gamble, social networking, porn websites etc, but that is not enough. With most of the employees having 3G on their smartphones, desktops have now become redundant, and these measures ineffective.”

Mobile data jammers are generally used by politicians’ convoy when they halt the entire city traffic to ensure their smooth passage on roads. Jammers make sure people watch the convoy passing by with envy, rather than looking at their phones or talking to someone casually.

Currently Employees even browse websites allowed by the firewall (such as news websites) on their personal phones, fearing that their traffic might be monitored by the company, affecting their performance appraisals negatively.

As per the latest data coming from HR department of Khapient, productivity has increased thrice since these jammers were installed. As this news spreads like wildfire, other IT companies are also expected to follow the suit, raising demand for such hi-tech devices.

Whether or not this trend affects employee satisfaction and attrition in the IT industry, is yet to be seen, and will be closely monitored by the experts and industry watchers.



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