To Prove Delhi Odd-Even Failure, TV Channel Plays London Underground Rush Hour Photo

In a major goof-up, a major national news channel today played London Underground rush hour photo repeatedly, saying it proved Delhi Odd-Even was a big failure.

Noida (Film City): In a major goof-up, not uncommon in Indian media, a major national news channel based in Noida, on the outskirt of New Delhi, today played London Underground rush hour photo repeatedly on its channel, saying it proved that Odd-Even scheme launched by the city government is causing a major hardship to the residents of the city.

One of the photos broadcast by Chhi News as Delhi Metro rush.
One of the photos broadcast by Chhi News, described as Delhi Metro rush.

The goof up occurred when anchor Krodhit Sardardana of Chhi News hurriedly googled the phrase- ‘Metro Rush Hour Pictures’ on his PC, in order to show them as proof of Odd-Even scheme’s failure on his popular news views show ‘Baal Noch Ke’. Unaware of the fact that some of those results returned by Google contained pictures of London Underground (popularly known as tube), Krodhit sent them to his editing team, and started cooking up his story.

Chhi News‘ editing team, overly active and adventurous usually, were lethargic that day, thanks to PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat broadcast in their work area, mandated by their top boss. Busy listening to TVs (that became radio for an hour), they casually added those images in the graphic of the news program.

A similar misadventure had happened during the first franchise of the Odd-even scheme by TV channel Khaj Tak, but at least the images were of Delhi Metro, so the issue was easily forgotten.

The photos soon became viral on social media, with netizens questioning the ridiculous red coloring, and rounded design of ‘new Delhi Metro coaches’, alleging it was all part of ‘Red Naxal mindset’ of the reckless AAP government. The uproar forced even Transport For London to issue a clarification that the pictures were those of its coaches, not Delhi Metro.

A high level committee of News Broadcasters Association (NBA), headed by Rajat Sharma is investigating the case, and is soon expected to come out with (clean chits for) punitive action against Chhi News.



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