Survey: 99% Of Those Posting Jokes On Virat Kohli’s Performance After Breakup, Never Had A Breakup

A whopping 99% of those who cracked jokes on Virat Kohli's breakup with Anushka, have never had any breakup in their entire life, according to survey.

Mohali: After shocking victory of India over Australia in WC T20 match yesterday, another shocker has come out in public. A leading internet research firm F-Voter revealed today that a whopping 99% of those who cracked jokes on Virat Kohli’s breakup with Anushka, saying it improved his performance, have never had any breakup in their entire life.

Virat Kohli Celebrating India's victory over Australia in World cup T20
Virat Kohli Celebrating India’s victory over Australia in World cup T20 in Mohali.

The revelation has come amid flooding of jokes following mesmerizing marathon performance by Virat Kohli against Australia, that led to India’s victory.

The survey also revealed that 88% of the sampled people had no love affair (or any kind of affair for the sake of completeness) whatsoever throughout their entire life, leave aside breakup. Almost all the sampled guys confessed they had cracked jokes on Anushka Sharma during days when Virat performed poorly, holding her responsible for things ranging from Virat being out of form to his beard look and poor temperament.

“Not having been put in someone’s shoes gives humans a wider perspective of things and a better understanding of relations and their effect on someone’s unrelated traits such as performance,” said a psychologist involved in the research.

“It also gives them ticket to mock and crack jokes on other’s relationship, even though their own life may have been miserable, which, in a way is good for the society. It liberates one from the guilt of not being able to do anything that matters in life, letting this society live in a state of peace and tranquility,” added another researcher.

Findings of the research were published in the Journal of Sports & Society.



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