RSS Men Look Sexy In Half Pant- Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone has objected to a proposed uniform change in RSS. She said half pant looks fabulous on RSS men, turning her on.

Who doesn’t know Karanjeet Kaur? If you got confused here a bit, then either your GK is poor or you identify people by their work, not their name!

Mohan Bhagwat in sexy khaki shorts
Mohan Bhagwat in sexy khaki shorts, reacting to Sunny’s latest statement.

If you still are clueless, then you are no different from Rahul Gandhi. So, go and enjoy Chhota Bheem on Pogo channel.

Yes, you guessed it right, we’re talking about famous and multi-talented actress Karanjeet Kaur alias Sunny Leone, who, it seems, always wants to be in controversy.

Always in news, thanks to her controversial statements, this time RSS is caught in the fire of her next attack.

Sunny Leone has objected to a proposed uniform change in RSS saying that it looks fabulous on these men, making their waxed legs even sexier, turning her ‘on’.

Addressing a press conference, Sunny said, “When I heard news about changes in Sangh‘s pant, I was very happy and excited. I thought they will now wear something like bikini. But it was extremely heartbreaking to hear that it would be full pant.”

Sunny Leone also added that the song from her movie, ‘Swimming pool mein naha ke, aur bhi namkeen ho gayee ho!’ was originally penned for Mohan Bhagwat Ji, and she had even convinced him to dance on this number. But due to some urgent work, he ditched Sunny, following which she even thought of taking her own life. But after she got company of Ramdev, everything is back on track.

Sunny Leone blushed and avoided questions related to her affair with Ramdev, but then she winked in Ramdev signature style, making us asking for more.



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