ISIS Preparing To Target India, Here Is What May Happen

Paris, San Bernardino, Lebanon they are everywhere. They are furious, brain washed psychopaths who just want to watch the whole world burn. The most powerful and rich terrorist organization- ISIS is currently having buzz on every corner of the world. Later or sooner, they will be targeting India, so it’s important for us to think about what exactly will happen when ISIS visits our Home. The thoughts expressed are purely satirical though it resembles to the original situation of the country in present day.

ISIS has its eye on India, and it has already planned and started executing attacks deep inside the country. Before leaving for India, its commander in chief has instructed bombers not to explode bombs during festive season like Diwali, Ganpati etc, fearing that highly enthusiastic Indians would enjoy the fireworks instead of feeling terrorized.

Rather than infiltrating like 26/11 bombers, ISIS has chosen better option of getting ‘Visa on Arrival’, thanks to Mr. NaMo for his innovative idea of connecting the world.

ISIS's first footprint in India.
ISIS’s first footprint in India. (Courtesy: ZeeNews)

Being excited about the support and fan following in several parts of the country, ISIS has decided to contest in the next general Elections too. Hopeful of getting elected, they have initiated talks with CON_gress and several tiny parties to form government in the future, and they have plan of fixing 100% FDI in Ammunition & Bomb development as well.

ISIS has selected shooting as national sport to popularize killings as favorite hobby among the youth. Presstitutes and intellectuals of India have demanded special privileged for ISIS bombers, as they may be lynched down by Intolerant people of India.

According to ISIS, India is more like Home for them as compared to Iraq or Syria. They are hopeful of getting lifelong assurance by Indian judiciary and human right activists in the course of killing people.

ISIS has decided not to waste a single suicide bomber for killing any VIP or VVIP, since they can’t accommodate the expense of killing just one guy. Therefore, for larger impact, ‘Common Man’ aka Aam Aadmi has to be targeted in order to terrorize the people.

However, contradictions are making things impossible for ISIS. A country where Religions, locality, atmosphere and language changes after every 500Kms, this fact has made them traumatized even before getting evolved. The thing ‘Unity in Diversity’ will never allow either ISIS or any other infiltrator to eye on India. Yes, we are a imperfect country, with many unsettled issues, but yet, things can be changed if we wish to act on them!



Disclaimer: This is a satirical article and is a work of fiction. Kindly do not confuse the news on this website as being genuine and factually true. This is a user generated content. You can also join Teekhi Mirchi and write for us.
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