PR Companies Offer Complete Image Makeover To ‘Juvenile’ Delhi Gang-Rape Convict

Reputed PR companies from all over the India have offered complete image makeover to juvenile Delhi gang-rape convict to enable him to live a life of respect and dignity he deserves.

Delhi Gang Rape Juvenile Convict
This mask would no longer be required.

New Delhi: Taking a bold step in rehabilitation of ‘child-rapist’ who’s recently been released after 3 years of reform, reputed PR companies from all over the India have offered him complete image makeover to enable him to live a life of respect and dignity he deserves.

“The law of the land has already punished him enough for the mistake he did when he was a juvenile. He’s already suffered a lot. Only challenge he faces now is acceptance in the society. We’re happy to offer him our suite of services, that would position him as a charitable and development-oriented guy. We’ve done that in the past and have turned-around public perception about our celebrity-clients,” said Michael Smith, Chairman of DAPCO Worldwide (Denting And Painting Corporation).

“We had a meeting with Union Minister Naunihal Chand as well…and government has shown keen interest in this project. If successful, he agreed to replicate this model throughout the India,” he added.

Michael remained tight-lipped over how exactly this will be done, but sources close to Teekhi Mirchi revealed that ‘Being Juvenile’ T-shirts would be distributed to Indian public to fetch sympathy for the juvenile. A big army of online trolls will be created who would manage dedicated Facebook page and twitter accounts of the juvenile, and would be tasked to ridicule and abuse anyone who question, criticize or show disgust at the reformed child.

“Renowned international fashion designers such as Troy Costa and Jade Blue have also been roped in to create a wardrobe of varying designer suits for the juvenile, carefully crafted to match different occasions, and attract media eyeballs. A mega event called ‘Vibrant Juvenile Summit’ is also being planned in order to garner support of India Inc for the juvenile,” our source added.

“Aakhir Bachche Hain, Galti Ho Jaati Hai, If public can forget and forgive big politicians and celebrities who’ve perpetrated heinous crimes, why not an innocent child?” asked a marketing professional this Teekhi Mirchi reporter spoke to.



Disclaimer: This is a satirical article and is a work of fiction. Kindly do not confuse the news on this website as being genuine and factually true. This is a user generated content. You can also join Teekhi Mirchi and write for us.
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