World Has 4 Types Of Chu**yas, New Study Confirms

The study will act as a major baseline for future research and pave the way for genetically modifying these guys to produce more such people, experts say.

WARNING: The following post contain cuss words used in day-to-day life. Readers discretion and restraint is advised.

Jab Tak Is Desh Mein Saneema Rahega, Log Chutiya Bante Rahenge
Jab Tak Is Desh Mein Saneema Rahega, Log Chutiya Bante Rahenge!

In a major discovery on human intelligence and social behavior, BBS (Bhartiya Bakchodi Sangathan) has come up with a new study that defines new classifications and types of Chutiya around us. Our source in BBS revealed that it’s a global phenomena and not specific to to any place, race or caste.

Teekhi Mirchi believes spokesperson of BBS might get a Nobel prize for this revolutionary breakthrough. Here is a graphic that summarizes the discovery:

Types of Chu***as
Types of Chu***as, in brief.

The study was published in the “Journal of BC.”



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