India Will Soon Export Delhi, Mumbai Air To USA

Now our breathing system has become friendly with Nitrogen, Carbon, Sulphur etc. People of Delhi treat these 'minerals' like their family members.

The India Gate monument in New Delhi, India, enveloped by a blanket of smog
Enriched Pollution to Poor population

New Delhi: In a major exposé revealed by correspondent Prakritik Aapda,  it was found that a Few fraudulent travel agents (authorized by Govt.) are going to export our own very powerful air of Delhi and Mumbai to US. Due to the great constituents available in the Air of Delhi/ NCR, this Air will be used to make pesticides.

Our commercially sale-able correspondent, Mr.Bikaoo added to this extremely confidential story, mentioning that this ‘Air export’ will lead US companies to scale down their cost remarkably by using Delhi and Mumbai Air, since no chemicals will need to be purchased or developed by these companies. Our sources say that industry is really eyeing the Delhi Air desperately.

When our correspondent Prakritik Aapda contacted the Environment Ministry of Delhi, they told us that the government at centre is playing this plot and trying to export the Air of Delhi to US under ‘Make In India’ plan, and this is a big scam, under which Govt. of India is cheating the people of Delhi.

It is due to the honesty (Patent of Delhi Govt.) of Delhi govt, that this Air is not yet allowed to be exported.

delhi air pollution global
Delhi ki Mehnat ka result, WE RANK no. 1 globally, at least in something.

When Teekhi Mirchi spoke to Health minister, he said, “People of Delhi have worked really hard to pollute this Air and are now habitual of this Air. If the Govt. of India takes this Air away, people of Delhi might miss the ailments like asthma, allergies, and breathlessness. This will further make them very lazy and they will stop any kinds of hard work to breathe that they are habitual of. Now our breathing system has become friendly with Nitrogen, Carbon, Sulphur etc. Ppl of delhi consider these minerals similar to their family members.”

Amidst all this, Haryana govt. has offered a land to US companies in Gurgaon saying that govt. will provide subsidized land and contract with Mr.Vadra and other Land caesar`s in Gurgaon, which will help them acquire any land close to Delhi they wish. Also, govt. as usual will not work on the cleaning of any air pollution. The companies will be a given a single window clearance system for the same, removing red-tapism and fast-tracking this export opportunity.

To take the politics further on this, people of Delhi will sit on Dharna alongwith the CM to bring awareness in Janta. The slogan for Dharna is being coined as:

Hawaa Hamari, Dawaa Hamaari, Jaan Se Pyaari“.

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