Steps India Is Taking To Bring Back Black Money

Black or White, Money is Right! India's last chance to bring back black money is now. Read shocking facts about what Indians are doing.

People who absorb all the colors of spectrum, I mean who are not white…..Errr, how do I say black without being racist? OK, let me start again.

UNBO Secret Society Chairman - Mr.Mogambo Mango taking a selfie while he eats so-called 'Black Money'
UNBO Secret Society Chairman – Mr.Mogambo Mango taking a selfie while he eats so-called ‘Black Money’

All the black people from around the world objected to the use of term ‘Black Money’ for describing Illegal money. United Nations Black Organisation (UNBO – a Secret Society) has categorically ruled that the use of term ‘black’ is very much full of inequality and racism. But still, if the world wants to use the term Black money, they must share the 50% of their black money with black people.

Reactions are coming from around the Gol Globe, and it is being speculated that, may be, their demands for sharing the money with Black people will be accepted.

Indians entering secretly to the Secret Society
Indians entering secretly to the Secret Society

Listening to this, India has applied to UNBO, saying that whatever is not white must be a representative of black. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj also referred to a famous song- ‘Brown Rang…’ by Padam Shree Honey singh Ji. Since Indians are brown-skinned, as termed by Twitterati and Facebookiyas and being brown is close to being black.

Confused Zebra captured by a Zoo's CCTV.
Confused Zebra captured by a Zoo’s CCTV.

We Indians are also the largest consumers of fairness creams. Looking at the share of India’s wealth in Black money, either the money must be termed as ‘Brown Money’ or  Indians must be included in Black spectrum and thus UNBO. (Courtesy: Baba Ramdev’s bhakts believe India has the biggest share of black money throughout the world.)

Not Left behind, HUL (Honolulu Unilever Limited) said they will be launching a new cosmetic cream as ‘Black & Rich’ to compete with Fair & Lovely. Amidst all these reactions, the political arena including Barack Obama, soul of MJ (Michael Jackson) and Zebras are quite confused at the developments. They all are hoping UN Security Council will intervene and stop the UNBO from ‘Black-Mailing the world………….O Teri, Fir Se Black!



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