Salman Khan Fined Rs 1 Crore In Hit & Run Case

DISCLAIMER:  The title is to draw your attention and let you know that sensationalism is demanded by the readers, and created by the writers!

Actual Story: Farmer’s Suicide on Sale!

Morning time 21st April,2015, I opened the newspaper Times Of India, that has more interest in Deepika Padukane’s cleavage than suffering of more than half of Indian population. While cruising along the news, I spotted something that said, “Father of 4 girls, Punjab farmer kills himself over damaged crop.”

Father of 4 girls, Punjab farmer kills himself. - TOI
Father of 4 girls, Punjab farmer kills himself. – TOIWhat a SHAME on newspaper editor for choosing such a headline to project the plight of the farmers.

To raise the eyebrows and grasp attention, these headline manufacturing facilities can do almost anything.

What should we see/feel here…..An unfortunate person, who had 4 girls, on top of that he was a farmer (pity), and had committed suicide (last but not the least). The catchy and most important of all words to be mentioned here are ‘4 girls’.

It  becomes a moral duty of the editor to stop such serving of the news pieces by Masala-fying them.

This news certainly didn’t deserve such a treatment from anyone.

I want to ask these writing skill masters – Can’t you show some grace, dignity and respect? at least to something. Why do you want to sensationalize everything. The picture of Punjab that is projected by you all in the songs, newspapers, TV needs to be changed now. The 50+% of this nation is in farming and we have a news of a farmer only after he KILLS HIMSELF? Had the news agencies been more sensitive towards farmers unlike the government, the govt. might have had saved a few. They deserve respect and right to eat, and not our sympathy.

Shameful Stats to save govt's Asses. (I am sorry, no better word than that)
Shameful Stats to save govt’s Asses. (I am sorry, no better word than that)
I request all the readers and writers to stop creating a supply and demand chain for unnecessary sensationalism towards suicides and rapes. Be sensitive towards poor conditions of agriculture in this country.

May be in future we will be importing wheat and rice and will have cheaper cars, with ‘Made in India’ tag.

P.S: These shameful stats above stating the reason of suicides are even more ghastly. Stop bucketization to save one’s asses. Start doing something, and give a better rate for the crops, so that farmers start breathing again. And this is the story of a middle level farmer, not a poor one.



Disclaimer: This is a satirical article and is a work of fiction. Kindly do not confuse the news on this website as being genuine and factually true. This is a user generated content. You can also join Teekhi Mirchi and write for us.
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